Fulfillment By Amazon Business – The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBA

Fulfillment By Amazon Business - The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBAWhen Francesca and I first started our Amazon Business, I was working full-time and trying to build a business in the little spare time that I did have, it was a real struggle to know how to get started right, what was most important to know, and what tools were the best.

There was so much disinformation and plain old bad advice. We soon recognized that not only were we overwhelmed but we were spending too much time spinning our wheels.

That’s when things changed! I received a few key and timely insights from one the most giving and caring mentors. He had been selling on Amazon for over 5 years. After some lessons, I realized how close I had been to success.

That’s when things clicked. Instead of trying to grow my business by force, it became a business about knowledge.

I quickly began shedding skins. At first, my business was a book re-selling business, then a retail arbitrage venture and lastly, selling new products direct from wholesalers.

If you want to escape the 9-5, grow your business beyond your wildest imagination, you need to work smarter—not harder!

As a growing seller, you must have a strong foundation and set your business up the right way, understand profit margin and return on investment. You also need to know how to select the best selling products on Amazon.

Without this core foundational knowledge, you cannot expect to see huge growth. This is your business and your foundation is what all future opportunities are built upon.

If you skip out on this core foundational knowledge, you may make a few dollars in the immediate, but eventually you will plateau.

Based on my experience, there is certain knowledge that all successful Amazon sellers have in this community, regardless of their business model, gadgets or even the best product sources…

Profit Margin—The funnel where all your money must pass. With a strong understanding of profit margin and return on investment, you can select the products that will grow your business the fastest and put the most money in your pocket.

Sales Rank—Deep understanding of Amazon sales rank is critical if you want products that are guaranteed to sell out fast and not sit in your inventory. If you can sell out fast, you can get that money working for you again.

Business Operations—Your business… Read more…

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